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I'm a marketer, and this is what matters to me.

To create timeless marketing;
to tell stories that matter;
to paint sheep black.

That is my mission and purpose in life.

I am an experienced marketer with award-winning agency experience. A founder of several and servant to many successful brands, I currently operate as an independent marketing and creative specialist.

My story

I left my home country with a dream to find my purpose and realise my dreams in business. After many years of searching, marketing found me during my master's studies at the University of Lincoln. After being denied genuine work opportunities by the university in order to maintain my attendance, later observing how everything the university taught me was useless to my first employer, I started re-thinking marketing.

Inspired by one of the most prominent advertising rockstars of our time, George Lois, I pursued design, audiovisual media production and copywriting as my main specialities, leaving behind the dry and seemingly useless practices of classic corporate marketing.

I joined an agency as its first hire, and in a few short years, we became award-winning. During this time, inspired by the success of many clients, I created my own e-commerce startup, which accelerated my understanding of what my clients feel, need and want when they pay marketers with their hard-earned cash. I dived into digital marketing, explored the dirty aspects of marketing on Amazon and eBay and learned all the shortcuts and high roads that one can risk taking.

After the pandemic put an end to reign of our small marketing agency, I joined a FinTech company as the head of marketing, where I ran a single marketing campaign before embarking on my longest journey yet. I moved from Europe to Asia where I've been operating as a digital nomad ever since 2022.

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