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UXpresso: Top 5 Black & White Website Experiences You'll Drown In

If you haven't noticed, I'm all about that sexy B&W palette cleanse. Whenever I see some other brand partaking in a similar style, I can't help but get excited. Here are some that I absolutely adore.

Airnauts combine design and technology to create modern websites and apps with cutting-edge design and tech practices. Their black background website instantly grabs the user’s attention and conveys authority as well as professionalism. Diagonals are used throughout the web design, drawing users down the page and providing a uniquely engaging yet minimal user experience.

Salt & Pepper

You can tell by the name that this web & app development agency is going all in on black and white. One unique design element is using low contrasting headings, making the user squint to read the dark grey on black, while also reinforcing the easy grey on white, which is much easier to read. Other than that, the overall design is simple, minimal, and professional and provides a lot of case studies and imagery to be reassured and entertained the user experience.

It's a fancy vape! Although I do have serious critique regarding their copywriting (don't use 'proceed with caution' randomly, when the vaping industry is getting destroyed by health-related controversy), branding elements and unnecessary use of yellow to break out of the black-and-white design, through their web UX Double Barrel makes it obvious that they're not just some random dropshipping business, delivering questionable Chinese gadgets to unsuspecting vapers globally. Instead, it is a very minimal design, with a powerful hero section, allowing the product design to do all the talking. The way the logotype overlays the content vertically and switches between black and white is a nice little detail.

Chess is one of my passions, and it is not known to foster elements of cutting-edge design and tech solutions. So I was very surprised to see the personal page for the Chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian to showcase not only great creativity and UX design practice while going for the black & white challenge. And it makes sense in the context of chess, as the chessboard along with the chess pieces is typically black and white. As you scroll through the page, you can follow the queen, who is jumping all over the page (just like in chess) and reflecting the various elements within it.

Brave UI, stupid UX... but that's youth and I love it. How beautiful to see a banking app break away from the conservative corporate hell hole that is the banking marketing department, filled with devil advocates and people who like numbers more than sex. The weirdos at NexBank created a troublesome, annoying, awesome website - requiring a learning curve even for the brainless media consumers who are conditioned towards predictable UIs (me included). It's obvious that this bank doesn't care about pensioners, going all in with the stylish, trendy, social-status driven and experience-seeking millennial and Gen Z crowd, and I'm all here for it.

unthink marketing, harry


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